Implement Speed Limit Enforcement & Road Safety Measures in Ancaster, Lincolnshire.

Our village has a 30mph speed limit but 99% of traffic to not abide by this. You can FEEL the traffic thundering past! It is a tragedy waiting to happen, a child wouldn't stand a chance against those speeds & volume of traffic! Ermine Street also serves as a rat run from A17 to the major routes making the situation even worse! The light up signs that flash if speeding or a speed camera around the bridge area would be a start but I feel road humps is the only way to put a stop to this. When you consider the amount of children all walking to school on a much to narrow footpath this really is a fatal accident waiting to happen & something needs doing FAST before a child is injured or worse, killed! I'm shocked that the council will not do anything about this! There reason?? There has been no serious accidents on this stretch of road!!! I'm completely shocked at this as they are almost saying a child needs to be killed before they will take action!! Please sign & share!!

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Lynsey Hutsby

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Tuesday 20 November 2012

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