Implementation of private police forces in the UK

Due to poor response from the Police to some incidents as experienced by many of the public and corruption within the Police, I believe it is time to implement Private Police forces in the UK as has been implemented in other countries, including the USA. Private Police in the USA have worked out very beneficial to the public and the local authorities themselves, in the UK Private Police could also act as a watch dog to current Police, ensuring incidents like corruption do not happen. Private Police could take some of the strain off existing Police forces and work along side them; existing forces admit themselves they do not have enough staff to cope. Private Police could be used only in busy cities where crime is high or country wide as a borderless response to help and support multiple Police forces. From cost models generated it is easy to see that Private Police in cities and surrounding areas of high crime could be run and maintained for a fraction of the cost of the public Police.

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James Turner

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Friday 5 August 2011

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Friday 10 August 2012

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