Improve Animal Cruelty Laws

To increase the laws so that Animal Cruelty is dealt with as a proper crime. More severe fines or imprisonment for Cruelty to Animals as current laws do not appear to be working or appropriate for the crimes being committed. For Examle - A you tube video which is currently showing someone placing a firework into the mouth of a German Shepherd Dog and then taping the dogs mouth closed and lighting the firework which then subsequently results in the dogs DEATH. These people have also had many other videos resulting in the Death of these animals also. The current punishment appears to be very minimum for such a crime, after all these people are taking these Animals Lives. If this was a Human Life punishment would be much more severe!! The question to be asked in regards to the people that are committing these crimes is will they stop at animal deaths or will they progress to the taking of a Human Life??

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Scott Antony Wowk

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Sunday 8 January 2012

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