Improve mental health services, particularly camhs

Waiting lists for mental health services, particularly camhs, are way too long and people suffering with severe emotional difficulties and at risk of suicide are being forced to wait for in some cases a year, putting their health at huge risk. People are being discharged too early as well and there should be mental health professionals/crisis teams at all schools. Also, care should be based on the individual's needs and timings for appointment and time under professional care should not be based on just how few professionals there are. Also, there needs to be more out of hours services,such as weekends and after school and increased number of other forms of supports, such as support groups that would decrease the number of professionals in the long run. I also call for their to be a better bridge between child and adult mental health services.

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Please see: 'More information and better accessability to the Mental Health Service' and 'out of hours childrens mental health service'

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hannah milgate

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Saturday 26 April 2014

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