inciting violence/ terror

Altaf Hussain & his organization MQM have been spreading hate & fear throughout Karachi, Pakistan.
On 12.05. 13, he made death threats on national TV for holding a peaceful protest against the rigging of Elections 2013. This protest was a peaceful demonstration against the unjust rigging.
Countless lives have been lost due to this man & MQM. It is absolutely despicable that the "Don of Edgware" is continuously allowed to run his mafia organization, threatening and killing hundred's in Karachi, from the very heart of London. Enough is enough, how can a British Citizen get away with hundred's of murders? The British Government is either completely incompetent or complicit by continuously ignoring the atrocities committed by this monster.

We demand that British government prosecute Altaf Hussain for continuously inciting violence in Karachi, and declare his MQM a terrorist organisation.

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F Rahman

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Monday 20 May 2013

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