Include dog fighting and dog baiting under the "blood sports" ban

Whilst dog fighting and dog baiting is illegal in the UK and Ireland, it exists and is hidden away from eyes. We all know it happens, we have all seen the evidence. Some of us may know people involved in this barbaric practice. Dogs are beautiful intelligent animals, they have been by humanities side since the dawn of time, yet some people feel the need to treat them like they are lesser beast, theirs to toy with, to turn into a creature that is far from the dogs true nature. They are our companions, they work alongside us, they support us, they help those in need. No dog, ANY DOG, regardless of its breed deserves to be used in dog fighting/baiting. I ask you to sign, to get this practice included under the "Blood Sports" umbrella so those who indulge in is for their entertainment get punished, as they should be! Thank you!

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Em Norton-Mathews

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Thursday 20 March 2014

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Thursday 26 March 2015

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