Include teaching ‘self examination’ in health/sex education in schools.

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer ive learnt that early detection really does save lives.How many truly check and know their bodies?In school we are taught sex ed/hygiene. Teaching to routinely self examine the correct way in this lesson would bring body awareness and in turn early detection

My intention with this petition is that if self examination is introduced to the health/sex Education curriculum then self checking would become part of our daily lives and routines like washing/cleaning teeth/wearing deodorant. ..whilst in the shower we check ourselves. Right now we don’t all do it because we weren’t taught too from a young age and it’s not routine. This needs to change and be taught in schools, early detection does save lives it is so important to know your body!

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Clair Turner

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Friday 12 October 2018

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Thursday 11 April 2019