Income Tax: Mid-Winter/Christmas Payment Holiday

Winter is a financially difficult time for the whole country. With the weather at its worst, Gas and Electricity bills are at their highest. This can create additional financial pressure on the household. For drivers, cars require a little more spent on them to keep them roadworthy.

There is also the pressure of Christmas for those who choose to celebrate it. Families with children have the additional pressure of presents and food. There is also travel as families get together to celebrate - all coming at a time where money is at its most scarce.

There is temptation to borrow money or spend on credit cards increasing personal debt. This could result in knock-on risks: depression, family split-ups, even homelessness, and their consequences.

My request for Government consideration:

1) To consider weighting Income Tax Deductions away from the Christmas period (either Nov, Dec or both!)

2) Perhaps consider moving the Council Tax payment holiday to match?

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Jamey C Barron

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Friday 21 March 2014

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

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