Increase driving offence fines

The current fines for driving offences do not reflect the damage and mayhem caused by drivers not obeying the current driving laws.

Currently people can choose to go on a driving course to learn about driving safely, this is not adequate enough and people re-offend.

People need to be made aware that driving dangerously or without due care and attention does have dramatic repercussions.

I propose that fines are reassessed and significantly increased, for example;

Speeding fine - £200 plus 3 points
Use of phone while driving - £200 plus 3 points
Driving under influence - £500 plus 3 mnth ban minimum
Dangerous driving - £500 minimum
No tax/test/insurance - £200 per
Causing injury to others due to dangerous driving and/or without due care or attention - £1000 minimum plus 3 month ban
Causing death by dangerous driving and/or without due care or attention - £10000 5 yr sentence minimum.

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David Sawyer

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Friday 21 March 2014

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Thursday 26 March 2015

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