increase health care assistant wages

I feel that the national minimum wage paid to some care assistants is disgusting. For the work they do whether they are in a private care home, nursing home, residential home or in the nhs some care assistants do more than some nurses. And I believe they deserve to be on more than £6.33ph that's what some people are on including me. For the work we do what we go through we deserve a lot more gratitude and money. I love my job and wouldn't leave no matter what but I agree that we need more wage per hour. Like I said in some nursing home care assistants do a lot more work than nurses but they get to be on 12 pound plus a hour. Its bang out of order. So please sign to at least put us up to 8 pound per hour what we do deserve. I can work over 250 hours and still struggle to get a full time wage for all the hard work dedication we put in surely we deserve a lot more am I right.

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Monday 17 March 2014

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