Increase minimum punishment & fines for uninsured and drivers using mobile phones.

This petition is to increase the minimum punishment and/or fine that the courts must give to someone when they are convicted of driving whilst using a mobile phone or caught driving with no insurance with no reasonable excuse for not having insurance. Fine should be significantly increased to several hundred pounds with a statutory fine of £200 paid into the Motor Insurer's Bureau fund and the driver should have to do at least 60 days community service and pay all court and legal costs for both sides. It is currently cheaper, for most people, to drive with no insurance and risk getting caught than it is to pay the insurance premium. The current punishments are not a big enough deterrent as can be seen by: David Secker, 34, of Rimington Road convicted 15 AUG 2011 and fined a mere £150 for driving whilst using TWO mobile phones at 70mph AND having no insurance!

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Created By

Adam James Wells

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Monday 15 August 2011

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Thursday 16 February 2012

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