Increase Speed limits on major A roads for lorries to 50 mph

Raise speed limits on major truck roads for lorrys from 40mph to 50mph.

This law was set by our government is one of archaic time,, when lorry's didn't abs and all the fancy mechanics of todays time,,

Now 40mph is a dangerous speed to be sitting at and to expect lorry's grossing at 44 ton to pull in and out of lay-bys is out of this world the cost to a company on fuel and wear and tear and not to mention dangerous with the places some of these lay-by are,,

And if they don't pull in you have impatient motorist pulling dangerous moves on some of the UK deadliest road,,

I'm calling on the department of transport to look at this law of 40mph and up the speed limit to at least 50mph

safer more economical and would make the road alot more hassle free for everyone

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Matt Downie

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Friday 31 August 2012

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Tuesday 3 September 2013

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