Increase the Minimum wage for Under 18's, because it is too low to cover costs

The current UK minimum wage is £4.20. It violates rights for under 18's. And its harder for young adults to be able to save and invest. It creates boundaries. There are many costs which they cannot cover. Prices for food, drinks and clothes have gone up. So why cant the price of hourly wage go up.

Currently most UK teenagers are being forced to work for £4.20 an hour. Some of those cannot provide enough to support their families. The cost for living has gone up. Its more expensive to live in this day and era. The price of a cup of coffee is £3.50. The price of daily necessities has increased rapidly. More and more families are becoming vulnerable, and parents of those young workers may not be able to provide for them. So they get a job. But £4.20 an hour is the price of peanuts.

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Samiul Islam

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Friday 8 February 2019

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Wednesday 7 August 2019

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