Increase use of restorative justice for adult offenders

Restorative Justice gives the victim the chance to have a meeting with their offender. In order for the meeting to take place, all of the parties have to agree to participate. The meeting is assisted by a mediator, and the aim is to discuss the offence and its consequences as a group.

Researches show that RJ satisfies 85% of the victims and reduces the re-offending rate by 14% []. Young offenders are offered RJ where appropriate, but this does not occur enough for adult offenders. We would like the government to introduce legislation that makes it mandatory to offer RJ to adult offenders where appropriate. Please sign if you agree that this would be a positive move forward for victims, offenders and the Criminal Justice per se. #RJ4EVERYONE

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Nikki McKenzie

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Wednesday 7 November 2018

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Monday 6 May 2019

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