Instigate harsh penalties against the BBC until they start reporting impartially

The BBC has for at least the last two decades engaged in a permitted practice of reporting with undue bias in many areas. The regulating body is the BBC Trust, and therefore means the BBC is self-regulating and often "sides with itself".

Specifically, the BBC is biased in its reporting in the areas of The Middle East Conflict (anti-Isreal), Climate Change (anti-sceptic), the European Union (anti-sceptic), US politics (anti-republican) and religious doctrine (pro-Islam). It also maintains a distinctly liberal/left wing bias in all other reporting.

This petition request punishment against the BBC in terms of license-fee witholding until such time as the BBC can be trusted to report with due impartiality.

Ref: and others.

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Richard Gellman

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Tuesday 1 November 2011

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Wednesday 1 February 2012

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