Introduce "Graduate Tax" to repay student loans and grants

Make university maintenance grants and student loans available to all (not means tested as all students are equal and have no income and are no longer dependent "children"). Then recover the costs from them all (regardless of income) over their entire working life by additional income tax (a small additional "graduate tax" ) applied to everyone who had attended university. This could be based on (say) 1% extra income tax for each year of study (so 4% extra tax for typical 4 year degree) .

This will then remove the psychological barrier of taking on a huge "student loan" debt which remains with you until for 30 years then magically stops whether you have paid it or not.

This will provide truely equal opportunities for all potential students and will also make students and employers consider whether they need, and are prepared to pay extra for graduates in any given role.

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Kevin Townsend

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Monday 1 April 2013

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Thursday 2 January 2014

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