Introduce laws to stop the sale of knives from easily viewable display cases.

With the increase of knife attacks across the UK. We are asking for tighter laws controlling the sale of knives from display cases. Knifes should be sold from covered cabinets. You can't buy cigarettes from open displays due to the impact on health. We should treat the sale of knives the same way.

Open and easily viewable cases that display knives are showing them as glamour items. They show knives and advertise them as exciting accessible items. Take a store in Sheffield that is displaying knives like the USMC Ka-bar. This is clearly a military knife. If knives are not on display and are not easily viewed, accessible or advertised in a glamorous ways. People that use them genuine reasons will have to ask for them. This allows for retailers to question their legitimate use and purpose.

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James Swallow-Gaunt

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Tuesday 12 June 2018

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Tuesday 11 December 2018

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