Introduce retesting every ten years for drivers/driving license.

Every driver falls into bad habits or are not up to date with the current rules of the road, after driving for years. They put themselves, and others at risk. If we introduce that every driver must re-take their test every ten years, more drivers would be better informed of the rules of the road.

This would also create more jobs, eg more driving teachers/testers. Every ten years when it’s time to re-take your driving test, the first retake would be free, however, if you fail, you must pay the same cost as your first ever tests.

Also if your main job is driving eg delivery trucks, perhaps the re-take test time should be every 5 years.

All in all this would mean more money for the government, safer drivers with drivers being better informed thus making safer roads.

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Lisanne Josephine Camilla Rose

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Thursday 12 July 2018

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Friday 11 January 2019

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