Invest at least 1% of the new Digital Tech Tax to tackle online abuse!

Sexism, harassment and abuse happens both on and offline. It also disproportionately affects and silences women. It is time the government took this problem seriously. It is time law enforcement caught up with online crime and time tech companies delivered real support to the users they profit from.

On 29 October the Chancellor announced a new digital tech tax on companies like Facebook and Twitter. We are calling for at least an annual 1% to be spent on:

1) The £200,000 that the Home Secretary announced in 2017 to spend on a UK Hate Crime Hub
2) Public education campaigns on online abuse
3) Increase police resources and capacity to adequately investigate and prosecute online abuse
4) Pilot an e-Safety Commissioner focused on e-safety of women and girls and ending online abuse

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Seyi Akiwowo

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Friday 9 November 2018

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Wednesday 8 May 2019

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