Invest More of Fuel and Transport Tax in Sustainable Energy In Britain

With view to self-sufficiency in sustainable energy that is good for the world climate; the independence of the country from outside sources that would bring more stability to the economy because of its effects on price fluctuations and inflation; and overall positive effects of sustainable energy sources on world politics and peace;

We call on the parliament to legislate an increase of investment in the production of Sustainable Green Energy in the British Isles by diverting with immediate effect a much higher percentage of tax from fuel, energy and transport sections to the solar, wind energy industry and biogas produced from waste organic matter.

We also call for separate or combined legislation to permit and encourage the use of biogas in the national gas grid that could interest more industries for investment in the production of gas from such material in urban and agricultural areas.

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Shahram Parvin

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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