Invest Public Money in British Companies under Law

I propose that it be put in Law that any public contracts must be given to a British company and British workers where at all possible. If that doesn't exist, then training programmes should be started up off the back of that need to cover that skills shortage.

Also, instead of massive unemployment benefits being handed out, contracts should be issued to British defence companies to continue developing our Military (all aspects, Army, Navy and Airforce) on the stipulation that they take British workers. If the skills are not available, then they are to run government funded training schemes to bring the workforce up to standard within 2 years and gradually phase out foreign skilled personnel.
We will then be paying people to Manufacture, not only for the national interests in necessary Defence and other areas, but also be producing products we can sell to the rest of the world, thereby generating GDP and economic growth.

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Jonathan Dunn

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Tuesday 10 January 2012

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Friday 11 January 2013

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