Invite the rioters back to society

Those who took part in the riots should be invited back to society by offering them the opportunity to do community service, such as cleaning up the streets and buildings, helping families and individuals who suffered of the riots, and to do voluntary work in the vandalized businesses.
This applies especially to the young rioters and looters. Adult rioters who committed extremely severe crimes should be given prison sentences combined with community service.
Treating the rioters simply as outsiders who deserve long prison sentences or who deserve to be thrown out of their homes only makes them feel even more alienated from society. Punishment should not be based on a simple revenge-mentality but on a more profound societal meaning.
Community service and voluntary work will unite offenders and victims and offer a better future prospect for all involved (and for us who were not directly inflicted).
All decent residents of the UK; your country needs you to sign this petition.

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Pirjo Niemenmaa

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Thursday 11 August 2011

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