Invoice participants in aggressive tax avoidance schemes when they use the NHS

This petition calls for a policy that would work as follows:

1. The Treasury would notify participants of aggressive tax avoidance schemes that they will be invoiced for any future NHS care.

2. Participants would be given reasonable time to normalise their tax affairs.

3. Once the notification period had expired, participants would be invoiced for NHS care, in a similar way to overseas visitors.

The benefits are:

1. It would not require anyone to carry an 'NHS card'; the NHS would still be free at the point of delivery.

2. The very existence of the policy is likely to create a 'chilling effect' where people would simply avoid participating in such schemes.

3. The Treasury would not need to endure as much costly and time-consuming court action. Managers of such schemes would no longer be 'one step ahead'.

4. Tax receipts would increase and taxation would be fairer.

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Created By

Peter Smallbone

Created On

Saturday 17 August 2013

Closing Date

Wednesday 20 August 2014

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