Ishmael Kamrano For New Voyager Academy Headteacher

I wish to step up as Headmaster and bring order to this mess. new protocols include:

1) All Pupils to have their bags checked for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes before entering the site.

2) if a pupil is caught with alcohol, smoking in school or bullying then they will be removed from the school immediately. Pupils are being let off by bad discipline and "a slap on the wrist." If you break the rules you lose the privilege to excel in this academy and a good future.

3) Pupils who distract others during a lesson by talking are to be removed from class and will have to read the syllabus on the subject taught in class and write an essay about it an hour after school. Any refusals will be treated by exclusion.

4) Any Pupil that absconds lessons will be removed from the school immediately. Any student that is not willing to learn does not deserve the right to the education paid by the taxpayers.

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Ishmael Kamrano

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

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