Issue all Police Officers in UK with cameras to abate abuse of power

Citing the assault on Mr Faruk Ali of Whitby Road, Luton, it is time that all Police force in UK is issued with cameras.

Attack on Mr Faruk Ali is not the first instance where an innocent non threatening civilian has been assaulted by Police or killed. London riots and what triggered it also comes to mind.

Guardian and London School of economics did survey in London and all other major cities where riots occurred through interviews and a Twitter poll and discovered a wide spread antipathy against Police.

A camera recording their actions will make them more concious of what they do and give civilians the peace of mind that they will be treated in an appropriate and lawful manner.

We citizens and tax payers of UK demand that all Police forces in UK be issued with the cameras that record or send live feed of any incident they attend.

Thank you.

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Naveed Malik

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Tuesday 4 March 2014

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