It should be recognised that breastfeeding doesn't always work! When mums decide to formula feed, they shouldn't be made to feel bad!

When I gave birth to my daughter in November 2013, I experienced a rare condition where my milk supply never came in. Due to my daughter's worrying weight loss (around 12% of her birth weight), my midwife explained to me that I needed to formula feed her. After 24 hours of formula feeding, her weight increased and she therefore didn't have to be taken in to hospital. Having experienced this, I strongly feel that there is a lot of pressure from posters, the media, doctors, midwives, health visitors and the government to breastfeed. This pressure makes mums feel awful, like failures and sometimes like they are incapable of doing what's best for their child. Action for government; There needs to be a greater recognition that it's not always possible to breastfeed (for a variety of reasons) and the pressure put on mums needs to be relaxed!

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Sophia Williams

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

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