Justice for Gertrude frankham

My granny was murdered by her neighbor who took it upon himself to steal and enter an elderly lady's home whilst she lay asleep who was frail and fragile and got away with it for some time until one night she was awake and she see who he was and to stop her saying the truth he silenced her by putting a pillow over her face and suffocating her, after he had committed this awful ordeal to my granny he then laid her the wrong end of her bed and tucked her in like a baby she was 75 and healthy enough for the hospital to release her home and he took her life like it was one of her belongings and didn't care! So this is a protest for my 75 year old granny who deserved to have died in a natural way and deserves justice for her to rest in peace!
Justice for Gertrude frankham!!!

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Natalie cooper

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Saturday 5 April 2014