Lack of thought around school holidays and inpact on families.

In a time of austerity, people And Quote "hard working families" are finding it increasingly difficult to afford holidays out side of school time. Most parents care for there children and enforce a good schooling calendar. But this tax is forcing families to stay at home. This increases stress as there is no get away, and leaves holidays to be bought by the more privileged.
This government needs to rethink what it is doing and look at the impact caused by the inability of families to get away. It appears to most sensible Families to be another tax on (again I quote) "hard working families" who are finding harder and harder to make ends meet.
This government has hidden this tax around the education of children, yet research has shown that children in England are becoming more and more stressed. People who are not able to take there children away will resent more and more the government and see it as bully, who once again looks after itself.

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Paul Michael Carris

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Thursday 6 February 2014

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