Lads jailed for 4 years over a facebook riot status is way too harsh

Perry Sutcliffe-
Keenan 22 and Jordan
Blackshaw 20 from chester received a 4 year jail sentence for a status they wrote on their facebook about the riots, no one even bothered to comment on the status and so it never did anyone any harm. It was an act of immature stupidity and I dont think its right sending two young men to jail for 4 years for what they did. Shorter sentances have been given out to muggers, rapists, robbers, drunken violent attackers etc etc. The man who participated in the 18 month torture and death of Baby P served less time than that. Hows that right? Alot of people say stupid, immature, angry & sometimes abusive comments on their status. These lads made a comment and a comment doesnt deserve you 4 year in jail. I think its way too harsh and their sentences need to be lowered and give them the chance to learn from their mistake which I am sure the shock of the jail term will of taught them a lesson

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Joanna lawson

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Wednesday 17 August 2011