Using landfill as our current method of waste disposal is causing irreversible environmental defects.

90% of solid waste is buried in the UK.This is becoming a massive problem, we are burying more waste then any other EU country. Consequently we will run out of space by 2018, forcing us to adopt a lifestyle similar to those who live in slums.

The idiotic design of landfill sites inhibits decomposition due to a lack of oxygen. This also causes the waste materials to degrade anaerobically, producing a high concentration of mathane, which is a dangerously flammable greenhouse gas. The same amount of methane has a contribution twenty times greater to climate change to that of carbon dioxide because of its molecular properties.

Many materials release toxins once in landfill, these toxins include mercury,arsenic,solvents acids and lead. This endangers humans and animals because toxins leach into soils and groundwater.

We strongly suggest abolition of landfill.

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Wednesday 6 March 2013

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