Learning Difficulties in Education

Most recently I have noticed in the press that a lot of attacks are made on people with Learning Difficulties. I see it in newspapers, on Facebook and on my e-mail providers news. I believe that most of these attacks are done by people who have little or no understanding of how Learning difficulties effect a sufferer. Some symptoms of say Autism can make a non sufferer very uncomfortable because they don't understand why a person is acting in such a way.

I would like Learning difficulties to be added to the National Curriculum and taught in schools, more people would understand about them and I believe that less attacks would occur because it would become more 'normal' if that's the correct term to use. More understanding is needed so a sufferer has more chance of living a 'normal' life, because that's all they want to do.

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Alison Golding

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Thursday 16 May 2013

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Wednesday 21 May 2014

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