Leeds should be administered by Wales or Lancashire

An eleventh century manuscript claimed that in the tenth century, "Loidis", latter day Leeds, lay on the boundary between the Viking kingdom of Jorvik and the Welsh speaking Kingdom of Strathclyde (which included Lancashire, Cumbria and south western Scotland). A saint called Cadroe is said to have visited both Strathclyde and Jorvik in the tenth century receiving the hospitality of the Kings of these two regions. The two kings are said to have met at Loidis during Cadroe's passage from one kingdom to the other. Clearly, this evidences an historical leaning to Lancastrian/Welsh origins and I request that this origins be reinstated and that Leeds be ruled as a minor town within Wales or lancashire

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Antony Coy

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Tuesday 1 April 2014

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Friday 3 April 2015

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