Lees life after a knife

At 23 yrs old my life was just beginning then was cruelly taken away by an instant second caused by a knife in an unprovoked attack!
The knife penetrated through my heart and caused me to have a significate stroke, brain damage, epilepsy. Still I have remaining holes in my heart.
Knife crime is not controlled and tough measures need to be in place to prevent a child from dying.
These following three laws should be changed-
1.Schools need educating in knife crime of what the penalties are and that a single knife wound can cause death.
2.prison sentence should be clear with a sentence and adhered too.
3.Knifes and offensive weapons should have to require a licence.
The prisons will soon be overflowing with young murderers but if a sentence was carried out when caught with a knife then there would be hope that they would learn by this in the future.
If you carry a knife you have it for a reason and at some point that knife will be used.
Save lives!! Prevent knifes!

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Samantha Ellingham

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Tuesday 20 May 2014

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Thursday 21 May 2015

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