'Legal High' Salvia to be given a Class B to potentially Class A level, Not publicly sold.

Salvia is a plant, we all know this. However smoking the plant itself won't cause much of a 'high'... but what people are doing is extracting the psychoactive chemical within the plant called Salvinorin-A.

I know this may seem long but it is a completely different ball game. Salvinorin-A in its pure form is more potent than LSD (The Class-A Hallucinogen)

Professional legal-synthetic drug designers, are getting this active chemical in the salvia plant and are then concentrating up to 60 Grams of dry weight salvia material into 1 Gram of what is sold as "60x EXTRACT"... because its a whole SIXTY times stronger.

At this strength, one pinch of that in a water pipe would cause hallucination. In a 1 gram bag of 60x you get about 15 doses which is £40. How is this even going on? This needs to be reviewed as an illegal substance and if not... Ill upload videos of people tripping on YouTube here in the UK. Just to make a statement.

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Sebastian Stewart

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

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Thursday 26 March 2015

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