Legalisation of ONLY VOLUNTARY Euthanasia

I am calling for the legalisation of VOLUNTARY euthanasia where the following terms are met... (1a or 1b), 2 and 3. | 1a. The Individual is over the state pension age at point of first consultation. 1b. The individual has a twice confirmed* terminal and debilitating injury or disease. 2. The individual has had a 'thinking'** time of at least 1 year***. 3. Any close relatives are aware of the want to terminate the individuals life. | I do not believe that any attempt should be made to specifically try and convince the individual to change their mind by any professional. | *Confirmed by a senior medical professional of the appropriate field. ** Time from first consultation during which regular consultations must follow (at minimum every three months). *** This time period could be lowered based on life expectation i.e. someone with a seriously debilitating injury or disease with a life expectation of under a year could reduce the 'thinking' time to 3 months or 6 months

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Laurence Care

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Thursday 24 November 2011

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