Length of school holidays is not the issue - we need to address students' work ethics!

As a student I feel that I would benefit from longer holidays. This holiday I have been almost solidly taking notes and doing practice questions for my exams. I find that holidays leave me much better able to revise than school.
Furthermore, an extension to the school week would be ridiculous; as someone who attended only half of year six by flexi-schooling, in addition to missing much of KS3 I can support this. I came in the top ten in my county in the 11+ , achieved my Maths GCSE A* in Y9, enrolled at the OU at the same time and am hoping for all A*s at GCSE as well as to be a vet when I am older. I would say that if anything, a 4 day week or abolishing homework in KS3 would be a great improvement; I have learnt nothing from the latter and teachers should be able to teach effectively in school hours; perhaps non-academic subjects should take up less space in the timetable. Homework is largely worthless yet takes up much of the weekend, so the weekend should be longer.

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Wednesday 18 April 2012

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