Let 15 year olds take their CBT once they reach their final school year

When you're 16, you can take your cbt, ride a motorcycle, buy energy drinks, and get a job, however a 15 year old in the same school year can’t do any of these things. How come you're mature enough to be in the same school year, but not to have any of the perks?

I found it especially frustrating, having a birthday in August, I had to see teenagers, who were in the same school year and learning the same as me ride motorbikes, and get jobs, while I was stuck in a village with no transport, a friend of mine in the same school year had a motorbike and had no issue, for instance, I could have been doing motorvehicle as an apprenticeship, but not be able to get a licence until after someone who’s never driven before, even though their the same year

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Thomas Ashman

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Tuesday 13 March 2018

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Wednesday 12 September 2018