Let the Calais Migrants come to the UK

There are about 5000 stateless people in Calais, and 64.1million people in the UK. That means if we let in every single person who’d currently like us to, the population would explode by 0.000078%.
 Not much.
If they lived by the same standards as us, the UK would turn a profit of £100m.

If we let in those 5,000 extra people, we assume they get benefits and pay taxes at the same rates as everyone else, we'd turn a profit. They'd cost us about £17m, but make us at the current rate of GDP £100m extra.
Even if they didn't work, that £17m divided by all the taxpayers is an extra 57p each.

These people are running from war, rape and oppression, coming to England in the hopes of finding democracy and compassion.
Right now we are paying tax money to treat these people with cruelty.
If you think this is wrong sign the petition.

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Lila Babington

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Tuesday 4 August 2015

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Wednesday 3 February 2016

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