Let us all make a change

Lets make a change. At the moment, the voting age is at 18 years of age, but we think that it should be lowered to 16 for various reasons.

16-year old's are allowed to drink, have sex, get a job, join the armed services and move out of the house, yet they are not allowed to vote. Many people say that they are not mature enough, that they are not intelligent enough. But we see maturity in 16-year old's everyday, what with all these GCSE's and A-levels. Also, if we did change the voting age then we could add GCSE politics to the national curriculum. This would increase the knowledge and understanding of politics in their minds, so they can make sensible decisions when it comes to voting and they wont have to wait 2 extra years to vote, possibly causing them to forget half the things they learnt.

How would you feel if you couldn't vote for the government that rules over you? Now its time to make a change, there have been many changes in the voting age in the past, but why not now?

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Cem Gurhan

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Wednesday 20 November 2013

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