Lets Make E-Petitions actually mean something!

Firstly, i have just found out that these petitions exist! This should not be the case.
If this is supposed to be a tool for democracy then there should be funds available to raise awareness via advertising or social media so that everyone in the country gets an opportunity to vote on important issues.
Secondly, it is not good enough that after gaining the required votes that the subject 'may' be discussed.
If enough people of this country have an opinion on something then by right as it is our country action MUST be taken in the form of a referendum or similar.
This will reign in the politicians who build their careers in party politics and not the issues which affect the majority.
Politicians are here to serve us, and im fed up of this dictatorship which disguises itself as a democracy.

Come on Fellow Brits, lets be counted and take ownership of OUR country so that we can say we are proud once more.

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Jamie Walker

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Tuesday 5 February 2013

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Thursday 6 February 2014

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