Lets STOP the BBC before its to LATE being a Labour Party propaganda TV service

Currently I am sick and tired of hearing the BBC, Labour Party and all the Guardian reporters talking about the cuts in public services. The difference between the Government and the Labour party position in cuts in the public service are so SMALL it would make no difference in the out come of the economy in the next 2 years.
They are all working together to discredit the government this is TOTALLY unfair to the TV License paying public. I am not a member of the labour party and I do not buy a Guardian newspaper but I do contribute to the BBC so I expect a balance views.
Even whistle blowers from the public services are suddenly coming forward TELLING the public whats going on or is it union memebers spreading labour propaganda, where was these people under 13 years of Labour. I WANT A PUBLIC DISCUSSION IN PARLIAMENT ABOUT THE BIAS POSITION OF THE BBC BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

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David Reardon

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Sunday 20 May 2012

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