LGV speed limit raise to 50mph on A class roads

To raise the speed limit for LGVs from 40 to 50mph on A&B class roads this will ease the frustration that builds in motorists when following LGVs for long periods on roads that could easily cope with higher lorry speed limits. LGVs when travelling at a maximum of 40mph are often down to 30mph when climbing even a light gradient this would be nullified if they were able to make more use of momentum created by a marginally higher speed limit. . Modern trucks are built to a standard that could easily cope with this increase without compromising safety. Controlled increase in forward momentum would increase fuel consumption thus helping this proposals green credentials, I am no longer connected with LGVs in any way but did work in the industry for 35 years and am still a very high mileage driver and well remember when legislation introduced speed limiters into transport from 60mph to 56mph the resultant drop in fuel economy on a large truck was very significant.

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Saturday 22 March 2014

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