Licence all dogs. Dogs should not be licenced as certain pure pedigree breeds if new characteristics (required in dog shows) cause sufferings in dogs

Microchip all 8.2 million dogs in UK in order to record & trace their breeders, ancestry & registered keepers. Breeding designer dogs that are not physiologically viable & cause sufferings in dogs (e.g. when they breathe, move, eat, etc) should be regulated & banned. New appearance (like shorter legs, flatter face) perceived as the new desirable characteristics but not conform to ancestral characteristics of pure breed pedigree dogs are sometimes specially bred for dog shows & ownership. However selective breeding, GM & cloning of pets & livestock do sometimes confer desirable characteristics. Selective breeding of new pets from wild cats can be useful in developing desirable viable characteristics, like longer & stronger limbs, subtle colourful fur. GM livestock producing useful metabolites in milk, bacteria, etc (like pharmaceuticals, hormones, strong fibres, biofuels), high meat content, hardy in certain niche, resistant to certain diseases can also be useful.

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Peter Chuah

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Thursday 12 April 2012

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Wednesday 17 April 2013

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