License all dog breeders in the uk

The current situation of rescues is becoming difficult to maintain in the uk. This will not end until breeding is under control. Irresponsible breeders should not be allowed to continue to breed just for profit, without taking responsibility for the dogs they breed.
I suggest that all breeders are to carry a license for each dog they breed from. Dogs must be checked by a registered vet or assessor to determine the dog is acceptable for breeding. This should include health and temperament.
A fee should be paid for the licence and the money raised used to police those breeding without such license and a heavy fine issued. The money from this should go towards helping rescues.
A table of fees should be used depending on the breed of dog, such as those making up a large percentage of rescues should come with a higher fee
This is not about raising elite show dogs but about ensuring responsible breeding and responsibility for all dogs bred in the UK

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Helen ward

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Friday 22 November 2013

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