license for dog owners and breeders

Any dog owner should have a license to prove they have a full understanding of the selected breed of dog they own.

Every dog hould be micro chipped witch police would be able to scan on the spot and gather all information on the dogs breed and the owners information along with checking if they held a valid license for this dog.

A dog owner will have a check-up every 2-3 years to check on the well-being of the dog.

Every Dog breeder must have a license to breed, and have a safe and healthy environment to raise the puppies.

Any breeder or person who is selling any dog must provide papers ( Registration papers ) proving the dogs breed.

Any dog breeder of person selling a dog online or in local paper should be required to ask to see the buyers license to own that specific dog breed.

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Jake Armstrong

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Thursday 27 March 2014

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