licensing of gamekeepers

Gamekeepers should only be employed if they hold a license.(Licensed Game Keeper). To obtain a license they would be required to train to a higher standard, encompassing the countryside act and wildlife crime. Regular ability assessments should take place including the amount wildlife crime in their area. Bad gamekeepers would have license removed,thus losing their livelyhood. The profession would be open to all giving young people a chance to make it a career chioce, (town and counrtyfolk alike).Higher training = higher wages, The law & the public would be seen as masters, not landowners, putting an end to cap doffing. No countryside persuit would be allowed to proceed without a LGK. LGK's could assist rural police officers.Rebranded as "Rural wardens/bailifs" could bring the proffession into the 21st century. Back this petition to end poisoning, illegal traps, illegal dog hunting etc.

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spence geoffreys

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Tuesday 20 November 2012

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