Life means life

Life Means Life. A Life Tariff or "Term" should mean exactly that. We currently use an outdated draconian Murder Sentancing system. What is the point of imposing a Life prison sentance if there is the possibility of release within 10 years. The Current UK Murder sentancing guidelines are ridiculous. We have a High murder rate in this country. If somebody considered that killing somebody would result in them spending 30 years in prison as a minimum then the Murder Rate would be substantially reduced. Murder is an Evil crime, and the Sentancing needs to reflect that. It is farsical a Robbery or Drugs offence can result in a longer Prison sentance than murder. In 200 years time, this will be viewed in the same way we currently view street executions from before the mid 1800`s. It is a travesty in law, and the law needs to be amended. We can no longer accept the cost of imprisionment should allow criminals to live amongst us in Great Britain.

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Tom Collins

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Thursday 13 September 2012

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