Lift IPP sentence for those currently serving it, it is NOT HUMAINE and causes MENTAL HEALTH to those STRANDED with the awful sentence

IPP was recently abolished due to being INHUMAINE; this has NO effect for those that are currently serving it. 6500 prisoners still have IPP & recently been found to cause MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES If this was found inhumane why are they still serving it? Prisons are bursting with population and costing thousands to keep them in when they should be released back into society. No courses are available to complete,how can they prove they do not pose a risk? Parole board will not release them. Most try & overturn their sentences but unlikely a judge will do so. Thousands of families left heartbroken will they see their family/friend home again? & with 99 years license to follow Lord Chief Justice said ‘it is an obscenity and stain on our reputation for civilised behaviour & a draconian sentence’. Rapists & murderers can get a determinate sentence of 10-15 years & a DEFINITE release date IPPs do NOT it is only right that now it has been abolished it should be withdrawn for those serving it

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Lauren Ryan

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Saturday 21 September 2013

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