Long Sentences for Crimes Against Disabled and Vulnerable People

I want the government to insist on Long Jail Sentences for people found guilty of committing serious crimes against disabled and vulnerable people. In a recent case in Salford, three bullies who subjected a vulnerable Autistic teenager to a horrific three-day ‘torture’ ordeal walked free from court after judge Jonathan Geake handed out community service orders. I feel very strongly that this sends completely the wrong message to thugs like these and sets us back 50 years in terms of disability discrimination. The victim was subjected to the following attack:
Kicked in the head and had his head stamped on, repeatedly punched, beaten with a tennis racket, body sand-papered, thrown down a steep hill, pelted with dog mess, forced to drink alcohol until he passed out, subjected to further abuse involving a dog. He then had tape applied and ripped of his genitals.

Surely these crimes, committed over three days, deserves a long custodial sentence.

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Keith Elliott

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Saturday 29 March 2014

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Wednesday 1 April 2015

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