Sensible people should pay sensible money for there car insurance, I am 40 yrs old and am not about to start flying around like some boy racer, putting mine or my childrens life at risk, Insurance is a RACKET, that needs busted. Not enough miles costs money, too many miles cost money, older cars, newer cars, they have it all there own way. Give us cheaper insurance so we can drive like the rich do. I want to take my kids to the seaside, and go camping in the hills. I want to visit scotland, or travel to the lake district, not sit in the house watching repeats on tv. Set the common man free, let me go beyond the local park, or shops. I want to stare at a mountain and try to explain to the kids why it is there.(and the wife)
We need cheaper insurance, and fuel, and road tax, but first lets slay the insurance dragon. There would be less un-insured drivers, if they could all afford it. The benefits, including job migration, are far greater than the chains of heavy insurance prices

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steven slasor

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Friday 18 November 2011

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